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Janice Rule
Janice Rule
Acting • 1931-08-15, Norwood, Ohio, USA •

Mary Janice Rule (August 15, 1931 – October 17, 2003) was an American actress and psychotherapist, earning her PhD while still acting, then acting occasionally while working in her new profession. She was pictured on the cover of Life magazine on January 8, 1951, as being someone to watch in the entertainment industry. Rule had a brief engagement to Farley Granger in 1956. Rule was briefly married, during 1955, to television and film writer N. Richard Nash. Her second marriage was to television and film writer Robert Thom in 1956; they had one daughter, Kate, before divorcing in 1961. Her last marriage was to actor Ben Gazzara in 1961, having one daughter together before their divorce in 1982. During the 1960s she became interested in psychoanalysis. She began her formal studies in 1973, specializing in treating her fellow actors, and received her PhD 10 years later from the Southern California Psychoanalytic Institute in Los Angeles. She practiced in New York and Los Angeles, and continued to act occasionally until her death from a cerebral hemorrhage in 2003. She was cremated after her death. CLR From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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